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The restaurant ended up getting slightly busy its only small, with four tables and a row of 6 stools around the counter, but you are still comfortable and dont seem like anyone is within your way. Service would have been a little slow, but all you need to do is get someones attention and perhaps they are in a heartbeat. Yes No Mobile review Likes it Diner from Melbourne &bull. We sat there waiting for the next party, but they can't ensure it is. Each of the foods are cooked then there, whilst you order, so its possible to make changes into the dishes including, we ordered our sushi without avocado so they were happy to achieve that. On the other hand nobody asked us once we wants a drink or some different Then she checked and said " do want something to drink". The menu's probably should be reprinted as they are slightly dirty looking, but seriously, this isn't an incredible issue for the cost of your food.

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